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How Do Your Running Shoes Affect Your Knees?

By on Jun 23, 2014

Whenever you hear a strident claim supporting or denigrating barefoot running, chances are there’s an element of truth in there.

There’s likely to be some obscure research study that kind of supports those arguing in favour of ditching your traditional running shoes in favour of a more minimalist, less cushioned, running shoe alternative. And, chances are, there will be a corresponding study supporting the claims of those arguing against.

The necessary caveats and clarifications, though, will rarely be mentioned by the most enthusiastic opponents and proponents.

The reality is that our understanding of the human body is continually changing. The research that will be cited tomorrow is being undertaken today. And it’s tackling the issues that runners care most deeply about.

Take today’s featured article, courtesy of the Orthopaedic Research Society. It examines how researchers are using implants to gain an inside perspective on a crucial question: How do you running shoes really affect your knees?

Source: Image by Ray Bouknight


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