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Running shoes: The most important choice any runner will take

By on Jul 5, 2014

As a runner, we have a lot of decisions to make. From the setting of our running goals, to our plans to achieve them, and a whole lot more. But what’s the most important choice you’ll make as a runner?

The answer’s simple, argues Dr Jordan Metzl, in today’s featured video (courtesy of Runner’s World). The key choice for any runner is what running shoe to wear.

Your first running shoe choice

This is why your very first running shoe shouldn’t be a random online affair. For that first running shoe, ignore online stores – even the RunningInjury store!

Instead, go to a specialist running shop. There, they can observe you run In different running shoes. They can find the running shoe that suits you as an individual and which caters for the extent to which you pronate.

The barefoot running shoe dilemma

What about barefoot running shoes? On that topic, Dr Metzl is open-minded. There’s a time and a place for all things.

For long runs, it’s probably not a great idea for most runners. Rather than the minimalist approach, stick with more cushioned running shoes.

But, for shorter runs, barefoot-style running shoes could do you a lot of good – helping you improve your running form, discouraging overstriding and encouraging a faster foot turnover.

So which running shoe should I choose?

In short, there’s no simple right answer to the question of which running shoe to choose. But that doesn’t downplay the importance of the shoes you decide upon – your choice of running shoe, and indeed your use of other tools such as orthotics, can play an important role in helping you avoid injuries.

It’s the biggest decision any runner will take.

You can delve into further videos in this series here.Source: Image by adifansnet

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