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Believe the voice that you can run a little faster

By on Apr 10, 2014
running motivation video

When the alarm goes off what do you do? For most of us, we’re not thinking. There’s an instinctive mechanism at work.

We’re operating on autopilot.

You might press snooze. Roll over and lose another few minutes in your day.

You might get up and sleepily brush your teeth. Not taking a moment to consider how many times you’ll repeat that in your lifetime. And not taking a moment to consider the 40 days and nights it will take.

But the champions? They roll to a different beat. The alarm goes off. And it’s time to rise and shine.

They believe that voice that says you can run a little faster. Like us all, they know that the easy way will always be there, ready to wash you away. But destiny waits for no man.

They’re ready to start the day like a champion. They’re ready to rise and shine.

Are you?

Click here to watch today’s video.

More motivation

Fancy some more running motivation? Then you’ve got three choices.

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2. The Top 5 Essential Resources To Motivate Any Runner
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3. Running Motivation Toolkit
Finally, here’s a great toolkit to keep you motivated in the weeks ahead. Inside the toolkit, you’ll find:

Instant Running Motivation, a collection of great motivational words of running wisdom;
Achieve Your Goals, a practical guide to goal-setting complete with downloadable worksheets;
– and one or two additional surprise bonuses also await you.

Click the image below to access your toolkit and let’s get started.

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