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One million reasons why running motivation is child’s play

By on Apr 10, 2014
running motivation video

When you think of a champion in the world of athletics (or any other arena for that matter), a few things spring to mind.

Determination. Hunger. Desire.

Today’s video illustrates those qualities perfectly. You’ll hear some of the world’s top athletes say exactly what we need to hear to motivate our own running.

But we can also learn a lot from less celebrated heroes.

Take the 9-year old runner who at the age of just 9 has already established himself as a record breaker. Young Nikolas Toochek has completed over 100 races in his racing career. And a serious goal lies behind his running.

Toocheck recently outlined exactly what’s at stake.

His goal? A million steps to raise a $1 million for his grandfather’s charity.

In Toochek’s words:

I’m running a marathon on each of the seven continents, supporting Operation Warm. It’s a non-profit organization that provides new coats to kids who can’t afford it.

Toocheck reckons it will take a million steps to complete those seven marathons.

Kind of puts our own motivational challenges to shame, don’t you think.

More motivation

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