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Running injuries: The mental road to recovery

By on Jun 18, 2014

How should you deal with running injury? Not the physical aspect itself, though that’s challenge enough. No, I’m talking about the mental aspect. It may be less apparent to the outside world, but that makes it no less real.

A great post by Annie Rice on the Guardian running blog explores that very issue.

One runner’s struggle to recover from running injury

Annie reflects on her own experience, as her marathon hopes were crushed as injury struck less than two miles from the finish line. A stress fracture. And, two months on, Annie is still on crutches.

While many runners will be able to relate with the emotion she shares, that probably isn’t the most useful part of her story. The revealing part is where she discusses the guidance she received from other athletes.

Take for example of Katherine Awitzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. In her words:

Instead of moaning that you are injured, take the extra time and produce something else that will give you a great sense of accomplishment. Honestly, that is how all my books have gotten written.

And then there’s paralympian Noel Thatcher. He provided the following powerful advice:

If you are injured, it can be heart-breakingly frustrating. But, if you apply yourself to the process of recovering as well as you do to the process of training, you will be a better, stronger and wiser runner. I guarantee it.

The article by Annie has clearly resonated with runners. Over the past week, it was the most shared post on the topic of running injuries on the entire web! It’s well worth a read – click below for the full story.

Running injuries and starting out on the road to recovery


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