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Plantar Fasciitis: Causes and Treatment

By on Jun 15, 2013
Image illustrating plantar fasciitis injury

Plantar fasciitis – back to basics. This article gives a clear, concise guide to this, the most frustrating of running injuries. From what causes plantar fasciitis to what you can do about it, you gain a speedy overview of the injury before Dr. Holland sets out her top treatment techniques. The article is worth a look for anyone battling against the injury. You can check out the key takeaway messages below.

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Dr Alice Holland, director of a specialised running physical therapy clinic in the United States, highlights in this article five ways to treat plantar fasciitis.

  1. Change to more supportive shoes or try over-the-counter arch inserts like Superfeet.
  2. Stretch, stretch and, you guessed it, stretch. That can include foam-rolling your calves, which can directly benefit the plantar fascia.
  3. Manual therapy by a physical therapist. While often painful, that can support a reduced inflammation of the fascia.
  4. Accessorize, as the author puts it. If your injury proves stubborn, then you can always turn to over-the-counter accessories – such as night splints.
  5. Finally, in the worst cases, a podiatrist’s intervention may be required, including potentially cortisone injections.

…this option is left to those who weren’t listening to their aches and pains…


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Image illustrating plantar fasciitis injury
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