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Overuse running injuries: Prevention and cure

By on Jun 21, 2014

Has a non-runner ever told you that the reason you’re injured is that you run too much?

If so, you’re not alone. But such pearls of wisdom, by themselves, don’t help you much. With the spectre of overuse running injuries always looming large, what’s a runner to do?

That’s the question tackled by Dr Jordan Metzl in today’s featured video, courtesy of Runner’s World. He provides a whistle-stop tour of the world of overuse running injuries, starting with bone-related injuries and moving on to muscle-related overuse injuries.

Overuse running injuries 101

The recommended treatment and prevention measures probably won’t shock you.

For example, Dr Metzl notes the role of proper running form and the power of foam rolling. He also highlights the importance of common sense – listening to your body and not being wedded to any particular training plan when your body is telling you otherwise.

But the reality is that simple measures can make a huge difference for all runners. And that’s nicely explained by Dr Metzl in today’s video.

Finally, note that you can delve into further videos in this series here.

Source: Image by Kazz.0

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