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Revealed: the tell-tale signs that you’re overtraining…

By on Jun 14, 2014

It’s not just the pain and frustration of a running injury that’s at stake. When you get into the realm of overtraining, there’s your mental and overall physical health on the line as well. Fortunately, there’s a few tell-tale signs that you might be overdoing it…

Today’s short and sweet post highlights an interesting article from Jeff Gaudette that provides a timely reminder of what runners should be looking out for.

6 signs of overtraining

In an article for Men’s Fitness, Jeff highlights six key signs that you might be overtraining. (If you’re thinking that name sounds familiar, that’s because Jeff Gaudette’s the man behind RunnersConnect and their excellent Proper Running Form and Strength Training for Runners courses.)

If any of the following symptoms sound familiar, he suggests scaling back your training plans:

  • sleeplessness;
  • heavy legs;
  • continual fatigue;
  • moodiness;
  • repeated illness;
  • nagging aches and pains (or indeed injuries).

More information on overtraining

Check out the full Jeff Gaudette article on overtraining for runners here. You might also be interested in the ‘Thinklink’ image above, as well as the video below which gives the thoughts of RunnersGuide.com on the issue.

Featured image by Rennett Stoweovertrained runner


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