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The new recipe for knee injury prevention?

By on Jun 25, 2014

Knee injuries come in many shapes and forms. For many athletes, including countless recreational runners, enemy number 1 is the ACL tear.

The ACL – the anterior cruciate ligament – is a critical stabiliser of the knee joint. But as many as 200,000 Americans every year suffer an injury to the ACL. As Runner’s World outlines, a tear often occurs when an athlete rapidly stops or changes direction, causing the knee to buckle or lock.

The bad news is that further running can simply cause more damage. The good news is that research points to an effective and inexpensive way to prevent such injuries in the first place. And, as today’s article by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons outlines, it’s as simple as learning the right way to bend, jump, land and pivot….


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