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Top 10 Exercises For A Healthy Heart

By on Jul 3, 2014

Running is an amazing form of exercise. But sometimes the easiest way to keep your heart in shape, while keeping injury at bay, is to mix things up a little.

For a start, we all have our favourite running sessions. But there’s no need for us to repeat the same basic running pattern, with the same run, over the same distance, at the same pace, every single session.

There’s also the case for looking beyond running. That’s the kind of idea incorporated in some formal training programmes – such as the FIRST approach, which involves three hard running sessions complemented by at least a couple of non-running sessions a week.

Not to forget the countless examples of top athletes who have attained massive performance heights with the help of sessions that, at first glance, appear completely unconnected to running. Remember Mo Farah and those boxing sessions?

Today’s featured article by Nithya takes this principle to heart. She considers 10 alternative cardio exercises that can provide a great workout – and only one of them involves the wonderful world of running…


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