72% off Postural and Core Stability Treatment at The Back Pain Centre

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The Deal of the Day for Runners

This is a live issue for quite a few runners – weak points in the body that can lead to back or neck pain. Today’s offer deals with the problem.

Courtesy of a certified Redcord practitioner from The Back Pain Centre, you’ll benefit from muscle tests and a balance and postural assessment. Based on the findings, a Redcord treatment will be performed, with the goal of strengthening and re-aligning the body to improve muscle performance and relieve pain. (These exercises are performed with the body fully suspended via a system of soft slings.)

You can then choose to return for either one or two 30-minute follow-up treatments, which will continue to work on balance, posture and core stability.

Brought to you in association with Groupon, this deal gives you a pretty impressive 72% discount.

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