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Circuit Training for Runners

By on May 31, 2014

When it comes to strength training to improve resistance to injury, most runners recognise the importance. But with countless alternative routines available, the challenge is this: where on earth do you start?

The RunnersConnect Circuit Training Workout

RunnersConnnect provide a great starting point, with this free circuit training routine for runners.

Once you’ve watched the featured video above, download the document below. It provides a useful reminder, giving you images of each exercise, instructions, and some potential variations you can try.

circuit training for runners pdf

Circuit training is especially helpful for beginner runners or injury prone athletes who aren’t ready to handle an increase in volume but who want to do more to improve their running long-term. Not only will this routine provide you with a dynamic way to gain aerobic fitness, it will strengthen your running muscles so you can increase your volume with less injury risk.

Like the circuit training routine?

If you liked this circuit training programme, please share. And why not check out the full RunnersConnect Strength Training for Runners programme. I’ve been using it for a while now and highly recommend it.

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