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10 of the Best Running Stories This Week (Usain, Pregnant Runners and Fraud)

By on Jun 29, 2014
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Hi, here’s your latest round-up of the breaking running news this week.

You’ll find out what we’ve been discussing on RunningInjury, as well as the most shared running health stories across the web and the big news runners have been talking about over the past seven days. Enjoy!

The best running stories across the web this week

What stories were runners sharing this week? Well, there was one that made quite a stir – it was a piece by the The Atlantic, which asked the question that quite a few runners have been wondering – Why Aren’t Shoes Preventing Running Injuries?

We also enjoyed another tongue-in-cheek review of the latest running week – see the featured video below.

Elsewhere, there some stories of misfortune – and fraud. But there were also some uplifting tales to tell, including how one underdog did what should only really happen in fiction – and hats off this week to Geoffrey Ronoh for pulling off that particular feat.

The full stories can be found in our 10 of the Best list below. If you see any missing, why not add your favourite story to the list or leave a comment below. And for more running news, click here for the latest daily update or for breaking news.


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