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Back Pain And Running: The Lowdown

By on Aug 17, 2013
Image of runner's back

Back pain is outrageously common, not only among runners but also among the population at large. So after suffering from a back problem, what’s the best way to return to running action without aggravating the injury? This article investigates.

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Some of the best nuggets of advice on running injuries is buried away in long-forgotten articles on the web. Today we check out one such article, courtesy of Runners World, which provides some really useful tips for runners recovering from back pains and strains. Below we highlight the key points to take away; the full article‘s also worth a read.

  1. Caution is advised for a return to any high-impact training such as running.
  2. Begin by regaining your to re-develop your cardiovascular fitness through low-impact exercise.
  3. Choose your ‘low-impact’ exercise carefully – some gym equipment, such as elliptical trainers or cycling machines are usually ideal; others, such as rowing machines, could potentially aggravate the condition if used incorrectly.
  4. After this initial low-impact phase (which the author suggests should last for a month), return gradually to running.
  5. Allow a good gap after your first session (say 48 hours) to check whether there has been any reaction.
  6. Alternate running and walking, gradually increasing the proportion of running.
  7. Finally, take your time. This second phase may last 2-3 weeks, but can ensure a smooth return to injury-free running.

…This may sound overly cautious and boring, but you’re rehabilitating post-injury and it needs to be done gradually…


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