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Achilles Injuries: A Simple Guide To Recovery

By on Sep 19, 2013
Image illustrating Achilles injury recovery exercises

Achilles injuries – what are they, how can you fix them and how can you prevent them. This straight-forward guide sets out the basics of Achilles injuries. After setting out some of the standard symptoms, you’re taken on a whistle-stop tour of the ways to prevent Achilles problems from arising and, when they do arise, how best to treat them. You’ll find our key takeaways below.

Recovery from Achilles injuries – the inside track

In this article by triathlon.competitor.com, you’ll find a couple of great exercises designed to increase lower leg flexibility. Inflexibility, in your calf muscles in particular, can be especially problematic and a major cause of Achilles injuries.

But if you’re already suffering from Achilles injuries, then what should you do next? Dr Jordan Metzl talks you through four key steps.

  1. First up is the need for dynamic rest. Running’s out of the question, but some other sports can support your recovery.
  2. Second, icing the affected area several times a day can aid your rehabilitation, limiting inflammation and swelling.
  3. Third, stretching can also assist recovery – though care needs to be taken.
  4. And, finally, take some of the strain off the Achilles tendon, by building up muscles that can take some of the load. That’s where eccentric calf raises can play a role, as well as other lower-body workout routines.

…The best way to prevent Achilles tendinitis in the first place is by building limber lower legs…


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