Women's running shoes

Our focus is the avoidance of running injury – and if it strikes, full and speedy recovery from injury – for all women. That includes the 'weekend warrior', just as much as elite athletes. The reality is that different women need different running shoes. In our RUNNING INJURY shoe store, we’ve brought together a wide selection of women's shoes – top brands at the lowest prices. Check out our range in the categories below and find just the right running shoe to support your injury-free running.

On these pages, you'll find a great selection of running shoes for women. Our aim is to find you the right shoe for your precise needs - something that varies according to the kind of runner that you are, how heavy you are, and how your heel moves on landing when you run. Keen trail runners will also require a very different type of running shoe to those who stick to harder, but usually more even, road surfaces. In the categories above, we set out what each selection of running shoes brings you. That way, you you can find exactly the right running shoes for you as an individual women runner.

This choice of running shoes is of great importance. Worn out shoes or running shoes that just aren't rsuitable for you lead to an increased risk of suffering from injury, potentially serious.

It's therefore essential to choose high-quality running shoes - what you'll find in our selections in the categories above. These women's running shoes will provide you with comfort, stability, cushioning and support. Given the huge number of steps and impact forces associated with even a short run, that's a key consideration regardless of your running level or the number of miles that you run.

You'll find in our running shoe store that we're also up-to-speed with the very latest running shoe developments. We have the latest releases at often sharply reduced prices. And we're stocked with the broadest range of minimalist - or barefoot or natural running - shoes. Expect these running shoes to differ significantly from more traditional women's shoes. For a start, they are exceptionally light and the heel drop, the distance between the heel and forefoot can be negligible. Take a look at our full range in the minimalist category above.


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