Women's running clothing

Introducing the RUNNING INJURY range of women's running clothing. We recognise that the clothes you wear can make or break your run. So we’ve tried to give a little help, bringing together a great selection of products that allow you to adopt the multi-layer clothing approach that we recommend.

You'll also find the features that you would expect from the top running brands. Our women's range of tops, which are designed to offer a more flattering cut, are more fitted than in our men's store. We've placed emphasis on 'Climacool'-type products that aid your comfort by wicking away moisture from your body. And we've brought you the latest range of compression clothing, the close-fitting products that some have linked to injury avoidance and rapid recovery.

Comfort is crucial for your running enjoyment. That's why we recommend a multi-layer approach to running clothing.

On the upper body, this approach involves three layers: the baselayer; a short-sleeve or long-sleeve top; and a running jacket.

There is a variety of options below the waist, from shorts of many kinds to many ladies' favourite choice of Lycra tights. Ultimately, your choice here will depending on individual preference and just how bad you expect the weather to be...

The material used to make running gear is also of crucial importance. The key is to ensure that as you sweat during, this is wicked away from your body, either to the next layer of clothing or into the air. That way, you can avoid the discomfort associated with soaking clothes clinging to your body.

These considerations are reflected in our choice of RUNNING INJURY products. You’ll find technical running gear, made with sophisticated material that wicks away moisture. You’ll encounter top brands that have made their name in ensuring your comfort – such as the brilliant Adidas Climacool range.

Running socks can sometimes be neglected, but that’s a mistake. Avoidance of materials like cotton is of paramount importance and how garments are stitched together can make the world of difference to your comfort. In our women’s running socks section, you’ll find a great range of brands that you can trust. And we’d recommend checking out in particular those quality running socks, from the likes of 1000 Mile, that are specially designed to save you from the pain of blisters.


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