Vivobarefoot Womens Hybrid W Golf Shoes

Vivobarefoot Womens Hybrid W Golf Shoes
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Vivobarefoot Womens Hybrid W Golf Shoes
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Product Features

V trek: multi-directional 'v-teeth'for the steepest, muddiest, wettest terrains. Ultimate off-road traction and sensory feedback (proprioception).
  • V leather: vegetable tanned leather with abrasion leather and rip stop nylon trimmings for increased durability
  • Manufacturer Description

    With 200,000 nerve closings, 33 significant muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments; the human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece. No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no tricks! VIVOBAREFOOT assists motivates us to move as million years of evolution meant - barefoot. The VIVOBAREFOOT distinction is in the sole. They make a series of constructions specifically made for differing aspects, terrains, and activities. Lots of specialists believe the shoes we wear not just cast the foot in a safety kind, but can likewise damage our foot and leg muscles, leaving them underdeveloped and more susceptible to injury. And while there are numerous events where traditional footwear is necessary for protection, safety, and security, it is similarly crucial to stimulate and exercise our feet in a more natural state on a regular basis. The VIVOBAREFOOT Woman Hybrid Natural leather Pull Up is made straight with the golf course in mind. Comfy, difficult, lightweight and reliable, they are made to last the entire round and numerous more. An excellent attribute of the Hybrid's is in it's versatility, you're able to use it on or off the course and is as comfortable on the course as it is on the green.

    Key Product Details

    • Title: VIVOBAREFOOT Womens Hybrid W Golf Shoes
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 9 UK Women
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: HYBRID L-W
    The Vivobarefoot Womens Hybrid W Golf Shoes is among our selections in store in our range of natural running shoes for men and women. This type of running shoe is the one for you if you're searching for the closest thing to barefoot running, while enjoying adequate defence for your feet. Within this classification, you have a range of options. The most minimal of our barefoot running shoes fit like a 2nd skin. Your toes can all move separately. Then there's a half-way house: those shoes that are set in the middle between running without any shoes at all and a typical cushioned shoe. You'll feel closer to the ground than you would in conventional running shoe, with a more limited drop from the heel to the forefoot. That will encourage you to land more on the midfoot and forefoot. But, in addition, you'll have a decent quantity of cushioning.

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