Vitalpyhsio - Premium 'EVA' Foam Roller

Vitalpyhsio - Premium 'EVA' Foam Roller
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Vitalpyhsio - Premium 'EVA' Foam Roller
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Foam rollers are made use of in physiotherapy, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness and rehab. this Roller is specifically made for balance practicing, muscle flexibility and vibrant strength. much like the standard foam rollers this utilizes a slightly harder inner center thats gves added resilience so that the roll will not flatten or misshape under substantial use, whilst the soft outside keeps maximum exercise effectivness and comfort to the user. Ideal for extending, this Foam Roller can assist enhance flexibility and is excellent for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance training. Made from EVA foam (ethylene vinyl acetate) this superb EVA foam roller has a textured surface area and is soft to touch for added comfort. It is an extremely high density, heat sealed EVA foam and is made to resist moisture and bacteria. Foam Rollersare an excellent rehab and self massage device which could be made use of to acheive various health benefits consisting of:
  • Improved back movement (specifically of the upper back)
  • Improved posture, core stability and flexibility
  • Minimized back pain
  • Minimized muscle tightness (particularly the ITB, erector spinae and calfs)
Foam Roller Array, Dimensions & Uses Length (cm) Dimension / Height (cm) Self Massage Spinal Versatility Pilates Short Cylinder 30 15 YES YES NO Medium Cylinder 45 15 YES YES NO Long Cylinder 90 15 YES YES YES Long Cylinder THIN 90 10 YES YES YES Short HALF Cylinder 30 7.5 NO YES NO Long HALF Cylinder 90 7.5 NO YES YES

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  • Brand: Vitalpyhsio
  • Title: Vitalpyhsio - Premium 'EVA' Foam Roller
Foam rolling is a necessary tool for any sort of serious or fun runner, aiding quick rehabilitation from injuries and similarly the avoidance of future injuries. You can get all the benefits of a deep massage, at a time that is best for you while keeping clear of the expense connected with sessions with massage therapists. What's more bear in mind that foam rolling is also a wonderful tool to make use of as one aspect of runners’ warm-up and post-run regimen.

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