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Product Features

The Grid is the most versatile and comprehensive foam roller and workout tool available.
  • Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down
  • Get the best core work and self massage at the same time with our revolutionary foam roller The Grid and SMRT-CORE programming.
  • Comes with 3 Smart Core DVD's
  • Beginner to Advanced Core workout DVD's
  • Manufacturer Description

    SMRT-CORE Level 1 DVD This level is our beginning point and provides the foundational motions should perform all the SMRT-CORE exercises. By incorporating applied motions into our foundation exercises, you will engage your core and create a starting point for enhancing strength and stability. SMRT-CORE Level 2 DVD After you have mastered the foundational motions in Level 1 it is time to include some intensity. Level 2 exercises include a push, draw to many of the exercises. This push pull includes even more focus to the core muscles and permits you to develop on the strength and stability obtained in the Level 1 exercises. We advise that you start Level 2 just after easily mastering Level 1. SMRT-CORE Level 3 DVD This level is not for the faint of heart. As soon as you have mastered the exercises from Level 2 it's time to advance to Level 3. In this level we take the push, draw include a press, and include a time out at the peak intensity of each motion. We take you to the hardest part of the exercise then have you hold the position. It takes strength to get to this position and unbelievable stability to hold it. Posture is imperative at this level of intensity with SMRT-CORE.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
    The TP THERAPY ULTIMATE GRID PACKAGE is just one of the products within our selection of the best foam rollers for competitive and recreational runners. Use of a foam roller is a necessary weapon for any kind of runner, assisting rapid rehabilitation from injuries , as well as combatting the risk of future injuries. Runners can obtain the full benefits of a deep session of massage therapy, when it suits you best while avoiding the expense you face with appointments with massage therapy therapists. And don't forget that foam rolling can also a great device to make use of as one aspect of runners’ warm-up and post-run programme.

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