Welcome to the RUNNING INJURY range of supports and braces designed to speed your recovery from injury. Our range covers the most common running injuries and offers a high degree of protection. They include the latest advances in this field and increasingly allow for customisation of fit and advanced fabrics that wick moisture away from the body. You’ll find the finest products from the leading running injury brands below.

You'll find some great running products in the Supports category at RUNNINGINJURY. Take a look at these brands: 3m personal and health care, 66fit, Active backs, Adidas, Farabi sports, Generic, Greatideas, Hayes medicus, Health and care, Hisp, Hisp ltd, Hisp uk ltd., Jazooli, King of flash, Lastrap. Please drop us a line if you can't find the product you're after.
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Our range of supports and braces covers a wide range of running injuries. The key is targeted support, as well as the comfort you would expect from the leading brands. A number of our support products can be adapted to the individual needs of the runner, through use of customisable features such as Velcro straps and lace-up systems. As with technical running clothing, advanced fabrics are now common place and provide extra comfort by transporting moisture away from the body. The most popular products in our range are those that aid the treatment of leg and knee injuries, from patella tendonitis and runner’s knee, to calf and shin injuries. But supports also play an important role in injury prevention, reflecting key benefits such as the warmth and support that the aids provide, as well as compression. That can result in a reduced likelihood of a pull occurring.