Sorbo RX Sport Heel Pads

Sorbo RX Sport Heel Pads
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Sorbo RX Sport Heel Pads
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Product Features

Shock absorbing heel pads for use in sports' shoes
  • Provide extra cushioning and shock absorption for the heel
  • Prevent & relieve Achilles Tendonitis and calf muscle strains during sports events
  • Reduces muscle fatigue, protects joints & reduces risk of injury
  • Choose size according to UK shoe size
  • Manufacturer Description

    Sorbothane Sport Heel Pads are shock taking in heel pads that offer additional cushioning, shock absorption and lift to the heel area. Merely fit them on top of existing insoles to reduce stress during 'heel strike'. These heel pads prevent and relieve Achilles Tendonitis and Calf bone muscle pressures.

    When can I utilize them?
    For the prevention and relief of Achilles Tendonitis and Calf bone muscle pressures during distance running, football (soccer), rugby, basketball and golf.
    Sorbothane Sports Heel Pads are ideal for the prevention and relief of Achilles Tendonitis (Achilles Tendinopathy), Achilles Paratendinopathy, Calf bone muscle pressures and heel pain in individuals who run or joining various other sports. Merely place them over the insoles in your existing sports footwear and reduce the shock on your body.

    Which size do I need?
    Sorbothane's sizing is based on UK guys's shoe size.

    Exactly how do they work?
    Sortbothane recuperates its shape totally after each 'shock' and when used as a heel pad in footwear, it takes in 94.7 % of the shock waves caused by the heel striking a hard surface. This indicates it minimizes muscle fatigue, minimizes stress on the cells and the threat of injury.
    In addition to their shock taking in qualities, Sorbothane Sports Heel Pads offer a slight heel lift which minimizes stress in the Calf bone muscles and Achilles Tendon.
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    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Rx Sorbo
    • Title: Sorbo RX Sport Heel Pads - Shock Absorbing, Extra Cushioning, Calf Muscle Strains, Heel Support, Reduce Stress, Injury Prevention, Pain Relief, Achilles Tendonitis, Shape Recovery, Comfortable
    • Item Dimensions Weight: 13
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