Welcome to our range of RUNNING INJURY running socks for men. A good choice of socks is a great complement to the running shoes you choose to protecting your feet from injury and strain. Our running socks are designed specifically for the needs of runners. A crucial aspect is that they help wick sweat away, resulting in a much more comfortable experience. You'll also find a host of other features, with our socks promoting air circulation, a great fit and sometimes special cushioning features. And some brands, such as the excellent 1000 Mile range, have made a name for themselves by focusing on the avoidance of those pesky blisters!

You'll find some great running products in the Socks category at RUNNINGINJURY. Take a look at these brands: 1000 mile, 2xu, Adidas, Asics, Berghaus, Bridgedale, Cep, Falke, Gore running wear, Hilly, Hilly socks, Medi gmbh, More mile, Nike, Pearl izumi. Please drop us a line if you can't find the product you're after.
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