Introducing the RUNNING INJURY selection of socks for women runners. Your choice of the best running sock can be a terrific counterpart to your selection of shoes, as you aim to protect your feet and support injury-free running. In this store, you'll find a great range of socks with a range of features developed with the needs of women runners in mind. One aspect is their ability to transport sweat from the foot away from the body, which can lead to a much improved running experience. Other features include technical details that ensure air circulates effectively, that the socks fit nice and snug, and that you have any cushioning features you need. It's also worth taking a look at brands like the superb 1000 Mile - they're famous for having developed socks that are quite simply brilliant at ensuring that you don't suffer those annoying little blisters!

You'll find some great running products in the Socks category at RUNNINGINJURY. Take a look at these brands: 1-64, 1000 mile, 1000mile, Adidas, Asics, Berghaus, Bridgedale, Falke, Gore running wear, Hilly, Hilly clothing ltd, Horizon, Medi gmbh, More mile, Nike. Please drop us a line if you can't find the product you're after.
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