Saucony Lady Hattori Running Shoes

Saucony Lady Hattori Running Shoes
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Saucony Lady Hattori Running Shoes

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Product Features

Zero Drop - 1:1 ration between the heel and forefoot, meaning there is no difference in hight from the tarmac between your heel and forefoot
  • XT900 Compound - provides great durability on the heelstrike and rearfoot strike respectively
  • The midsole is made up of compression-molded EVA to control pronation and provide metatarsal cushioning.
  • Suggested Mileage 1 to 20 miles per week
  • Midsole Height of just 10mm giving you an incredibly close ride, the way it was meant to be
  • Manufacturer Description

    MINIMALIST RUNNING / BAREFOOT RUNNING Say hello to Saucony's new Hattori running shoes - a new range of minimalist running shoes designed and created to give you an unparalleled running experience. The Hattori is a super-lightweight, neutral running shoe and is acclaimed to be Saucony's lightest general purpose running shoe, ever! Featuring a unique 'mitten' like toe box, the Hattori allows your toes to naturally arch, grip and push off, which in turn will give you more power, a comfortable ride and increase muscle power (through continued use and training). And if that wasn't enough, the Saucony team have designed the shoe to further leverage natural toe movement through the use of a visible flex groove in back of the toes and in front of the metatarsals. Featuring sculpted foam of the sole and strategically placed impact cushioning, the Hattori delivers a slight piston effect without ever compromising natural motion.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Saucony
    • Title: Saucony Lady Hattori Running Shoes
    • Color: Red
    Welcome to the Saucony Lady Hattori Running Shoes, which is among our selections within our range of premium running shoes for men and females. This type of running shoe is perfect for you if you're searching for the closest thing to running barefoot, while enjoying appropriate defence for your feet. Within this classification, you have a range of choices. The most minimal of our natural running shoes fit like a 2nd skin. Your toes can all move individually. Then there's a half-way option: those shoes that are somewhere in the middle between running without any shoes at all and a standard cushioned running shoe. You'll feel closer to the ground than you do in traditional running shoe, with a more limited drop from the heel to the forefoot. That is a feature that will encourage you to land more on the midfoot and forefoot. But, in addition, you'll have a decent quantity of cushioning.

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