REA TAPE Kinesiology Sports Athletic Tape therapeutic taping

REA TAPE Kinesiology Sports Athletic Tape therapeutic taping
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REA TAPE Kinesiology Sports Athletic Tape therapeutic taping
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Product Features

REA TAPE Kinesiology tape is a professionally engineered, dynamic therapeutic kinesiology support for all body areas, ideal for neck strain, sholder pain, tennis elbow, rib pain, wrist pain, gluteus pain, hamstring strain, carpal tunnel, golfers elbow, quad strain, runners knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, ideal for endurance athletes such as runners, swimmers and cyclists Features a 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive and 100% totally latex free Size: 5m x 5cm (one 5 meter long UNCUT STRIP that gives you the possibility to treat any type of body area) ; Available in 8 colours: beige, blue, black, green, orange, pink, purple, yellow Made from a gentle cotton fibre strip that is breathable, water resistant and features an unique wave pattern stretches only lengthwise up to 130-140% and does not limit range of motion

Manufacturer Description

Beneficjant of kinesiology insulation - efficient in the reconstruction and normalization of damaged muscles caused by overuse or injury - efficient for providing support to the hurt muscle and helping in the conditioning of the minimized wickened muscle - develops 'lifting result' which enhances blood/lymph seclusion and alleviates discomfort - adjusts misaligment caused by spasm and reduced muscle normalizes muscle tone and irregularity of fascia in joints - enhances variety of movement Mums to be: -minimizes lower pain in the back can be utilized as a safe, basic and convinient solution for the most typical anguish of pregnancy = puffy ankles. REA TAPE Kinesiology Tape

Key Product Details

  • Brand: REA TAPE
  • Title: REA TAPE® Kinesiology Tape ●HASTLE FREE MANUAL - NO NEED TO SIGN, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD supplied with every tape ●Blue, Black, Beige, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, White, +PEDIATRIC KIDS REA TAPE® ●Best on the Market Premium Quality JAPANESE GLUE ●100% LATEX FREE ●FDA & CE Approved ●Highest Durability - UP TO 8 DAYS WEAR ●Genuine Product Reviews© 2014 WE WISH YOU NO MORE INJURIES IN 2015!!!! Rea Tape® Team LOVE YOURSELF with REA £6.95
  • Item Dimensions Weight: 22
  • Item Dimensions Height: 276
  • Item Dimensions Length: 276
  • Item Dimensions Width: 197

Remarkably common, and certainly disheartening, plantar fasciitis is usually associated with a drawn-out recovery period before full fitness is finally restored. In addition to a programme of stretching, check out our variety of premium plantar fasciitis recovery products. You may additionally want to take a moment to check out our variety of running shoes, given that worn or unsuitable running shoes are usually associated with plantar fasciitiis.

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