Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is astoundingly common in the population at large. One estimate suggest that 10% of the US population will suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point during their life.

Plantar fasciitis can also be viewed as the most frustrating of all running injuries. For some, a year or more can pass without full recovery. In such severe cases, more dramatic treatments - such as steroid injections - can be required.

For many, however, full recovery can arrive within two to three months. That recovery is often achieved through a straight-forward programme of stretching and strengthening, with the help of some specific plantar fasciitis recovery products. Take a look at our range of plantar fasciitis products to kickstart your recovery and return to injury-free running.

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Plantar fasciitis
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Plantar fasciitis is characterised by pain on the sole of the foot, typically on the underside of the heel. The pain is often most acute with the first steps each morning upon waking. Even a light touch to the underside of the heel can be painful.

For many, the pain associated with plantar fasciitis prevents any running at all. Some find that the pain is reduced as they warm-up for a session and then during the session itself – before increasing again, sometimes quite sharply, as soon as they cool down.

In the vast majority of cases, the origins of the injury are unknown. But a variety of factors are thought to increase the likelihood of suffering plantar fasciitis. Particularly susceptible are those who increase their running load too quickly, the pregnant, the obese, those with low foot arches, and indeed those with high arches, people with different leg lengths, people with inflexible calves, those who overpronate…and the list goes on.

There are a range of recovery options for runners. Night splints can help, by avoiding the shortening of the fascia that typically occurs during sleep and so maintain the proper length of the plantar fascia. Orthotics can also play a role.

But, in research, a significant number of sufferers have found a change of shoes to be the most effective treatment. In the RUNNING INJURY shoe store, you’ll find a great range of running shoes to support your recovery. As well as trails shoes, we have a wide selection of minimalist and performance shoes, as well as cushioned and stability shoes. Take a look at the categories on the right of this page.