Pilates Workout For Dummies [2001] [DVD]

Pilates Workout For Dummies [2001] [DVD]
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Pilates Workout For Dummies [2001] [DVD]
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Pilates Exercise for Dummies is a 60-minute program, suitable for both the first-time and intermediate Pilates exerciser. In the Basic Exercise, well-toned instructor Michelle Dozois plainly and patiently provides 18 traditional Pilates mat workouts, initially demonstrating and discussing, then doing six to 10 repeatings. She clarifies what the Giant is and how you can utilize it, and covers the essentials you'll require if you have actually never ever done this prior to (or should be reminded), providing alignment pointers, breathing, and very clear directions for performing each motion. Dozois suggests adjustments for making the workouts much easier (or, sometimes, even more challenging), and includes cautions against typical mistakes and reminder pointers for doing each workout effectively. This is a fine first exercise for Pilates rookies. The Intermediate Exercise includes a few of the Basic workouts and a number of brand-new ones, all done at a quicker rate and with even more challenging directions. -- Joan Rate

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  • Brand: Anchor Bay Entertainment
  • Title: Pilates Workout For Dummies [2001] [DVD]
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