Neo G Wrist & Thumb 3D Integrated Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support

Neo G Wrist & Thumb 3D Integrated Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support
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Neo G Wrist & Thumb 3D Integrated Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support
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Product Features

Hot or Cold therapy should at all times be accompanied by strong and constant compression for between 10 to 20 minutes for there to be a positive effect on the affected area, and your Neo G Integrated 3D Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support will provide just that.
  • The dual purpose 3D Hot&Cold Therapy Disc, is flexible and ergonomically designed so able to mould the contours of the body, especially those hard to reach areas, such as the kneecap, thumb, elbow, shoulder, heel, ankle etc.
  • COLD THERAPY - helps reduce muscle/joint swelling and soothes aches and pains including backache, fever and toothache etc. FREEZE: store Disc in freezer. Approximately 1 hour is required to freeze gel. To reduce swelling, 10 - 20 min on the affected, then 20 min off, then repeat if necessary*.
  • The Neo G Hot&Cold Disc is 15cm in diameter, re-useable and made of flexible nylon material containing a non-toxic gel which stays malleable even when frozen
  • HOT THERAPY - helps treat muscle and joint p
  • Manufacturer Description

    Code: 882-3D - Neo G 3D Wrist and Thumb Integrated Hot & Cold Therapy Compression Support - combines variable compression technology with removable Hot & Cold Therapy Disc. The Disc can be eliminated and cooled or warmed then reinserted into the support, depending upon the therapy needed. Hot or Cold therapeutic applications make this support suitable for both current injuries and in addition to even more lasting repetitive troubles. Reduce swelling and swelling with Cold Therapy or relieve chronic aches and discomforts with the relaxing Heat Therapy. The support includes a flexible strap which encourages the proper positioning of the carpal and thumb joints and helps minimize swelling, beneficial in the management of carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing the support helps reduce pain triggered by joint, muscle and tendon overuse. It can be utilized to minimize recurring wrist stress associated with typing, composing and other occupational or sporting tasks. Appropriate for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. HOW TO USE 1. Prepare Hot & Cold Disc so it reaches your wanted temperature level i.e. by heating or freezing it \*. 2. Put the Disc over afflicted area, then place support over the Disc. 3. Tighten up and secure the fastener(s) as per product box images. 4. Adjust compression of the support to wanted level by tightening or loosening the fastener(s). \* FOCUS. - Before putting on afflicted area always test Disc temperature level on back of hand to stay clear of skin/freezer burn and/or wrap the Disc in a fabric prior to applying directly to skin. - Microwave: minimize heating time for Disc for higher powered microwaves AND never heat Disc in microwave without water. - Do not make use of Disc, HOT or COLD on afflicted area for even more then 20 minutes at a time. - Never ever apply Disc to injured or harmed skin. - If a rash establishes, pain is extended or conditions aggravate, stop use of Disc and consult a medical professional.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Neo G
    • Title: NEO G Wrist Support - Medical Grade Quality HELPS strains, sprains, pain, instability, aching, arthritic wrists, occupational or sporting injuries, everyday support & warmth – ONE SIZE Unisex Brace
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: H&PC-07784
    The Neo G Wrist & Thumb 3D Integrated Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support is among the products within our choice of the leading cold and heat therapy for runners. The role that cold and heat treatment could play in the treatment of injury has been acknowledged for a long time. Cold therapy treatment is generally suggested for acute injuries - those agonising injuries that start all of a sudden - and is typically very reliable at decreasing swelling and pain. Heat therapy treatment, on the other hand, is generally suggested for chronic injuries - the injuries that establish themselves a lot more gradually and frequently aren't related to continual pain. In these cases, heat therapy treatment could help ease aching, rigid muscle and joint pain.

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