Neo-G Open Knee 3D Intergrated Cold & Hot Therapy Compression Support

Neo-G Open Knee 3D Intergrated Cold & Hot Therapy Compression Support
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Neo-G Open Knee 3D Intergrated Cold & Hot Therapy Compression Support
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Product Features

? The Neo G Hot&Cold Disc is 15cm in diameter, re-useable and made of flexible nylon material containing a non-toxic gel which stays malleable even when frozen
  • ? HOT THERAPY - helps treat muscle and joint pain/stiffness and relax muscles including sports injuries, sinusitis and menstrual cramps etc.
  • ? COLD THERAPY - helps reduce muscle/joint swelling and soothes aches and pains including backache, fever and toothache etc.
  • ? The dual purpose 3D Hot&Cold Therapy Disc, is flexible and ergonomically designed so able to mould the contours of the body, especially those hard to reach areas, such as the kneecap, thumb, elbow, shoulder, heel, ankle etc.
  • ? Hot or Cold therapy should at all times be accompanied by strong and constant compression for between 10 to 20 minutes for there to be a positive effect on the affected area. The Neo G Integrated 3D Hot&Cold Therapy Compression Support allows you to adjust the compression of the support for a custom fit.
  • Manufacturer Description

    Code: 885-3D - Neo G 3D Open Knee Integrated Hot & Cold Therapy Compression Support - combines variable compression innovation with detachable Hot & Cold Therapy Disc. The Disc can be eliminated and cooled or heated up then reinserted into the support, depending upon the treatment needed. Hot or Cold restorative applications make this support perfect for both current injuries and along with more long-lasting repetitive issues. Minimize inflammation and swelling with Cold Therapy or ease chronic pains and pains with the comforting Heat Therapy. This support features a patella opening to separate and limit excessive movement and aid ease tension in the patella tendon, particularly useful in conditions involving inefficient patella monitoring. Considering that the support incorporates the whole knee joint, it enhances overall stability by eliminating unwanted move and twisting at the knee. Weight bearing pressure throughout movement is more equally dispersed over the joint, which assists relieve arthritic and meniscus pain. THE BEST WAYS TO USE 1. Prepare Hot & Cold Disc so it reaches your wanted temperature i.e. by heating or freezing it \*. 2. Put the Disc over affected location, then location support over the Disc. 3. Tighten and protect the fastener(s) as per product box images. 4. Adjust compression of the support to wanted level by tightening or loosening the fastener(s). \* ATTENTION. - Prior to placing on affected location always test Disc temperature on back of hand to avoid skin/freezer burn and/or wrap the Disc in a cloth prior to using straight to skin. - Microwave: reduce heating time for Disc for higher powered microwaves AND never heat Disc in microwave without water. - Do not make use of Disc, HOT or COLD on affected location for more then 20 minutes at a time. - Never ever use Disc to wounded or harmed skin. - If a rash establishes, pain is extended or conditions worsen, stop use of Disc and get in touch with a physician.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Neo G
    • Title: Neo-G Open Knee 3D Intergrated Cold & Hot Therapy Compression Support
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: H&PC-09491
    The Neo-G Open Knee 3D Intergrated Cold & Hot Therapy Compression Support is one of the products within our choice of the leading heat and cold therapy treatments for runners and joggers. The function that heat and cold treatment could play in the treatment of running injuries has actually been recognised for a while now. Cold therapy treatment is usually recommended for acute injury - those painful injuries that begin instantly - and can be extremely reliable at reducing swelling and discomfort. Heat therapy treatment, on the other hand, is usually recommended for chronic injury - the injuries that come on more slowly and typically aren't linked with continual discomfort. In these instances, heat therapy treatment could assist alleviate painful, tight muscle and joint discomfort.

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