Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks

Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks
Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks
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Manufacturer Description

Bio Gear Arch Support is an exclusive Mizuno design created from human body data analysis.
Arch Support works to support the plantar arch, which results in a reduction of the overall load to the foot by absorbing
impact. Arch Support helps support the inside and outside arches as it wraps the arches in a hammock structure, alleviating
the load to the foot. As a result, feet feel more supported and comfortable through all range of motions which provides the wearer the ability to exercise longer.
The symmetrical design that conforms to the right and left foot increases wear comfort. The leg is comprised of 26 pieces of bone, ligament and muscle and has a complicated configuration. Arch Support alleviates stress to the leg and increases comfort due to the custom design for each foot and lower leg.

Small : 3-4.5
Medium : 5-6.5
Large : 7-8.5
XL : 9-11.5

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Mizuno
  • Title: Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks
The Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks is one of the selections within our selection of excellent running socks for men and ladies. Why choose something like the Mizuno Womens Bio Gear Arch Support Socks? There's a few essential reasons. Running socks from the best brand names are especially designed with running comfort at heart, which is reflected in the breathable fabrics utilised. The products are designed to transport moisture away from a runner's skin, such that runners remain comfortable throughout the session. Secondly, and relatedly, these items are the essential tool in combating blisters. Through keeping your feet cool and completely dry, top quality running socks minimise the danger of blistering. And in addition, you'll discover running socks to be a lot more sturdy compared with the normal everyday socks.

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