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RUNNING INJURY is dedicated to the avoidance of, and recovery from, running injuries by all runners – whether you’re an occasional recreational runner or a top athlete. In practice, this means that different runners will require very different running shoes. We’ve brought together a great selection of shoes from the best brands, all at very competitive prices. You can browse through each of the categories below to find the perfect running shoe for you at the perfect price.

The RUNNING INJURY shoe store has a broad range of running shoes, with the aim of ensuring that all runners can find just the right shoe for their needs. 
That can vary depending on what type of runner you are, your weight, and how you land when you run. And if you’re look to head out into the trails, and away from hard but even road surfaces, then you’ll also need a very different type of running shoes. Each of the categories above explains just what you should expect from our running shoes, ensuring that you get the running shoes that you need.

It’s hard to over-emphasise the importance of your running shoes. If they’re worn down or simply the wrong shoe for you, then you can be at a much higher risk of suffering a frustrating injury.

Crucially, high-quality running shoes like those you’ll find in each of our categories offer runners comfort and stability, with the cushioning and support you need, to support you over what can cumulatively be substantial distances. With around 1000 to 1500 steps per mile, that’s a lot of impact forces that need to be dealt with each week. So it’s easy to see how worn out or inappropriate shoes can result in major injuries.

We’re also making sure we keep up-to-date with all the latest running shoe developments. As well as including in our store the latest releases at great prices, we’ve made sure we have a huge selection of minimalist running shoes – often referred to as the barefoot or natural running approaches. These are typically very different shoes from some of the more cushioned conventional running shoes. And they are typically very light. The height between the heel and forefoot might be only 4mm, far less than is the case with other shoes. Check out our range in the minimalist category above.


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