Men's running clothing

The right choice of running clothing can make all the difference to how you enjoy your run. We’ve brought together a wide range of men's running clothing products, allowing you to adopt a multi-layer approach to handling the British weather and to find products that wick away moisture from your body to keep you as comfortable as possible. Here, you’ll also find a great selection of close-fitting compression clothing, which have been linked to injury avoidance and rapid recovery.

To make sure you can run in comfort, two factors are key. The first is to adopt a multi-layer approach – something especially important for dealing with the changeable British climate.

On the upper body, this typically involves a base layer (for example a compression top), a second layer (such as a short-sleeve or long-sleeve top) and a third layer (running jacket).

On the lower half, there are a range of options – from tight or loose shorts to a variety of tights or baselayers – depending on preference and expected weather.

A second consideration is running clothing material. In our store, you’ll find technical men's running gear, with little sign of cotton and a focus on ensuring that the sweat generated during running is transported away from the body to the next layer or to air. That’s essential to your comfort, avoiding dripping sweat sticking to your clothing and to your body. The top brands, such as Adidas with its Climacool range, come into their own in this area.

Material is also important when choosing running socks, with a premium on avoiding cotton and using trusted brands that will avoid inappropriate stitching that could cause you discomfort. At its best, quality running socks can also ensure you avoid blisters – brands like 1000 Mile have an especially good reputation in this area.


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