LP SUPPORTS Hot & Cold Wrap (Waist/Shoulder)

LP SUPPORTS Hot & Cold Wrap (Waist/Shoulder)
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LP SUPPORTS Hot & Cold Wrap (Waist/Shoulder)
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Product Features

Wrap is washable and can be air dried
  • Adjustable Velcro closure - One Size Fits All
  • Hot and cold wrap for thermal therapy to help soothe aching muscles, strains and pains
  • Comfortable wrap allows wearer to remain somewhat mobile during treatment
  • Includes re-usable 20cm x 14cm Hot & Cold Pack - just insert into Wrap Pouch after preparation
  • Manufacturer Description

    The LP Supports Hot & Cold Pack is best for minimizing swelling, alleviating pain from headaches, unwinding tight joints and alleviating arthritic pain. For cold treatment, the Gelpack stays flexible at subfreezing temperature level to comply with the hurt location. For hot treatment; place the Gelpack in LP Wrap or towel before putting on the hurt location. Perfect for shoulder or waist.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: LP Support
    • Title: LP SUPPORT Hot and Cold Waist/Shoulder Wrap with 2 Hot/Cold Packs
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: 798
    • Item Dimensions Weight: 22
    • Item Dimensions Height: 157
    • Item Dimensions Length: 1024
    • Item Dimensions Width: 512
    The function that heat and cold therapy can play in the treatment of running injury has been acknowledged for some time. Cold therapy is usually recommended for acute injury - the uncomfortable injuries that come on all of a sudden - and can be extremely efficient at lessening swelling and discomfort. Heat therapy, by contrast, is usually recommended for chronic injuries - the injuries that establish themeselves more slowly and often aren't connected with constant pain.

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