Ice/Hot Pack

Ice/Hot Pack
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Ice/Hot Pack
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Product Features

Colour: Blue
  • Type: Supports
  • Manufacturer Description

    Two forms of therapy for the rate of one, the LP Support Ice/Hot Pack helps lower swelling, alleviate discomfort and relax tight joints or muscles. Ice therapy helps to lower inflammation following injury or surgery however can also be made use of to assist with toothache, reducing fevers and helping with temporary relief of headaches. Thermal therapy helps advertise comforting relief from exhausted, hurting, hurt muscles which also being able to assist with back pain, menstrual pains and sinusitis. Recyclable and easy to use, merely cover the pack inside a fabric cover and apply to the targeted area.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: LP Sports
    • Title: Hot & Cold Pack
    • Package Quantity: 1
    The function that heat and cold therapy can play in the treatment of injury has actually been recognised for some time. Cold therapy is generally recommended for acute injuries - those agonising injuries that come on instantly - and can be very reliable at reducing swelling and pain. Heat therapy, by contrast, is generally recommended for chronic running injuries - those injuries that develop much more gradually and frequently aren't linked with continual pain.

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