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Hamstring Wrap

Hamstring Wrap
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Hamstring Wrap
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Product Features

Alleviates conditions of hamstring tear or strain.
  • Absorbs stress, stabilizing hamstring area.
  • Manufacturer Description

    Alleviates conditions of hamstring tear or strain. Absorbs anxiety, supporting hamstring location. Constant compression would assist minimize discomfort and prevent additional injury. The Hamstring Compression Wrap is designed with a 4" by 6" compression pad to provide targeted compression where you need it. It is made from a UBL neoprene that is very comfy and Velcro compatible. In addition, a dual strap accessory makes it simple to adjust the tightness and compression of the brace.

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Pro-Tec Athletics
    • Title: Pro-Tec Athletics Hamstring Compression Wrap
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: 7500
    • Item Dimensions Weight: 0.2
    • Item Dimensions Height: 79
    • Item Dimensions Length: 591
    • Item Dimensions Width: 394
    The Hamstring Wrap is one of the selections within the range of products to bring forward your rehabilitation from hamstring muscle injury. If it is a strain or a tear, your rehabilitation should start with adherence to the RICE method. It will entail rest - any sort of effort to run through the injury would almost certainly be of questionable value. Next of all is ice or cold therapy treatment, and then compression and elevation. You'll find a variety of products in the RunningInjury store to assist this approach as you recover from hamstring injury.

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