Formthotics Soft Density Full Length Insoles

Formthotics Soft Density Full Length Insoles
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Formthotics Soft Density Full Length Insoles

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Product Features

Emphasise supreme cushioning with mild functional support in the original, trusted FormthoticsTM shape. Suitable for all running and walking shoes. They have extreme flexibility, ideal for patients who are new to orthotics or have found them uncomfortable in the past. Original Single Soft FormthoticsTM are preferable to gel-based inserts as they provide proven arch support and a deep bowl heel cup to promote sound posture. FormaxTM foam is antimicrobial, which means it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes foot odour. FormaxTM is theromformable and should be heated and fitted by a medical professional. The teardrop shape on the underneath side of your FormthoticsTM has been milled into the foam. It runs under the heel and under the lateral (outside) border of the foot. Milling the material from the lateral (outside) edge builds support on the medial (inside) edge and provides longitudinal, lateral and transverse arch support, under the metatarsal heads. The unique Formthotics heel cup is formed by milling the teardrop shape into the bottom surface of the foam Formthotic. Milling the shape on the underneath surface creates a smooth curved shape which provides 3D support around the calcaneus (heel). This unique shape assists in fitting more accurately both to the foot and the shoe. The thermoformable attributes of the FormaxTM Foam then allow the foot to create a perfect mould.

Manufacturer Description

Item Information Increase your speed and extend your stamina with Run Dual FormthoticsTM. Dual FormaxTM foam is high volume offering maximum heel and arch support. The top layer offers severe convenience and cushioning, while the high control bottom layer offers optimal feedback and movement control. FormaxTM foam is antimicrobial, and avoid the development of bacteria and fungi which causes foot smell. Run FormthoticsTM increase foot contact with the ground offering better feedback and awareness. This makes your running more effective and enhances strength and stability. FormthoticsTM disperse body weight more evenly easing pressure points. They support your feet in their natural posture reducing muscle tiredness and improving recuperation. Enhanced shock absorbency and cushioning minimizes effect on muscles, joints and ligaments. It does not matter whether you have actually picked a running shoe for overpronators or underpronators, skillfully fitted FormthoticsTMwill offer the right support for your individual foot. They are appropriate for novices and seasoned marathoners alike and assist to reduce the danger of injury. Resilient and lightweight, they offer a wonderful flight each time you run. Shockstop ShockStop foam is an absolutely one-of-a-kind and revolutionary hybrid EVA polymer foam. This foam has optimal shock absorption and cushioning, reducing effect on muscles, joints and ligaments. The top layer deflects effect 100 % more than various other basic foams, while the company black base maintains control and stability.

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Patterson Medical
  • Title: Formthotics Soft Density Full Length Insoles
  • Package Quantity: 1
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