emFraa Men Women Skin Tight Spandex T Shirt Running Black Top Longsleeve S ~ XL

emFraa Men Women Skin Tight Spandex T Shirt Running Black Top Longsleeve S ~ XL
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emFraa Men Women Skin Tight Spandex T Shirt Running Black Top Longsleeve S ~ XL
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Product Features

Quick dryness - Normal Shirt absorb sweat quickly but they are not capable of drying sweat which causes the Shirt to weight more and to feel coldness. However, emfraa compression not only absorbs sweat quickly but also dry it instantaneously. Therefore, emfraa compression you the best fit for your activities. Quick Absorption - In short time, during your exercise, it gives you the comfortable fit and, helps your workout. Air permeability - Due to light material, this Shirt provides the best air permeability which helps you to absorbs and dry sweat quickly. Because of the air permeability, it does not stress out your skin Therefore, emfraa Shirt is the best functional item for your workout. Controlling Body Temperature - During summer workout, it cools down your body temperature and warms up while you are working out in cold weather. The other important function of emfraa compression is that It protects from germs and deodorize. UVA/UVB Protection - emfraa compressoin protects your skin from UVA/UVB radiation during your outdoor workout . When the clothes are wet, it causes the germs to reproduce and unpleasant smell because the air cannot leave from the clothes. It will not smell stink even if you wear for long time due to our functional base layer fabric which controls the air permeability and moisture.

Manufacturer Description

4-Needles Flat-seam - EMFRAA compression base-layers are built with Flat-seam by 4-needle Feed-Off-The-Arm sewing equipment and it makes your skin to feel more comfy and softer. 4-Way Stretch Compression - EMFRAA compression base-layers have 4-Way stretch compression efficiency, which get your muscles tightly and supply much better efficiency for all your activities.

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  • Brand: EMFRAA
  • Title: emFraa Men Women Skin Tight Spandex T Shirt Running Black Top Longsleeve S ~ XL
The modern technology is sophisticated, yet the reasoning behind compression clothing is straight-forward. It is developed to promote oxygen flow in your muscles. And the result is an improvement to your endurance, as well as a reduction in the muscle tiredness that runners experience following hard runs. An additionally essential function for compression clothing is in facilitating your rehabilitation from running injuries. Heightened oxygen flow speeds the repair of muscles and tendons. And compression clothing can additionally lead to better posture through the support it provides - which might likewise minimise the possibility of runners suffering injuries to begin with.

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