CWX Women's 74677 Pro Tights

CWX Women's 74677 Pro Tights
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CWX Women's 74677 Pro Tights

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Product Features

Optimum muscular support for activities The patented Support Web(TM) brings the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment.

Manufacturer Description

The CW-X Pro Leggings give support to the primary muscle structure of the upper leg which intersects at key points on the hamstring and below the knee. This efficiently reduces the work that the hamstrings have to do in the pull phase of the running cycle. The intersect below the knee reduces the shock absorb by the knee and reduces its flexing speed. This results in increased power at the push off phase thanks to this support and added leg stability. SpecificationActs as a suspension system for the quads, particularly the sartorius muscle: The Support Internet' intersects simply below the knee, lowering shock and speed at which the knee bends under load. Enhanced speed and power at the push phase of the running movement result from the added support and alignment."Offers a suspension system for the hamstring: The Support Internet' follows the primary muscle structure of the upper leg intersecting at a bottom line of the hamstring efficiently lowering workload, particularly in the pull phase."Supports the gluteus maximus: The Support Internet'assists to reduce fatigue and increase power."Offers lower back support: The Support Internet' extends from the sides of the hip, supporting the pelvis."80 % Nylon/20 % LYCRA 2-way stretch Support Internet'"Multidirectional stretch fabric exoskeleton supports particular musclesand joints of the legs."80 % COOLMAX/20 % LYCRA 4-way stretch body fabric"Assists to keep the body cool and dry, pulls moisture away from the body and carries it to the beyond the tight."UPF 50+ for UVA/UVB security"Flat seam building Gets rid of abrasion, enhances comfort, and enhances fit by lowering large joints."Reflective logo Increases visibility in low light conditions."Mens particular design and pattern"Offer.

Key Product Details

  • Brand: CW-X
  • Title: CWX Women's 74677 Pro Tights
  • Color: *
  • Size: One Size
  • Clothing Size: One Size
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Model: 140809
  • Item Dimensions Weight: 50
  • Item Dimensions Height: 100
  • Item Dimensions Length: 1000
  • Item Dimensions Width: 800
The CWX Women's 74677 Pro Tights is just one of our selections within the range of compression clothes for men and women. The modern technology is sophisticated, yet the reasoning behind compression garments is simple. It is made to stimulate oxygen circulation in your muscles. That lessens the accumulation of lactic acid. And the outcome is an improvement to your endurance, in addition to a reduction in the muscular fatigue that you experience with hard runs. An additionally important function for compression apparel is in assisting your recuperation from running injuries. Heightened oxygen circulation quickens the recovery of muscles and tendons. And compression garments can additionally result in much better posture through the support it provides - something that might likewise lower the likelihood of you suffering injuries to begin with.

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