Cep Progressive Women's Compression Running Socks

Cep Progressive Women's Compression Running Socks
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Cep Progressive Women's Compression Running Socks

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  • Great for Outdoor Use
  • Great for Indoor Use
  • Great for Bike Riding
  • Great for Skiing
  • The Cep Progressive Women's Compression Running Socks is one of our options within the range of compression clothing for men and women. The modern technology is innovative, yet the reasoning behind compression garments is simple. It is developed to promote oxygen circulation in your muscles. This lessens the buildup of lactic acid. And the outcome is an improvement to your endurance, and also a decrease in the muscular fatigue experienced with tough runs. A further essential function for compression garments is in facilitating your rehabilitation from running injury. Increased oxygen circulation speeds up the healing of muscles and tendons. And compression garments can also result in much better posture via the support it gives - which could additionally lower the possibility of you experiencing injury to begin with.

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