Brooks Men's Pure Grit M Trainer

Brooks Men's Pure Grit M Trainer
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Brooks Men's Pure Grit M Trainer
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Product Features

Full length biomogo dna midsole with mild support Ideal heel encourages contact point to shift forward which aligns the joints and creates optimal energy return Toe split creates toe flex and allows big toe to aid natural stability and power during push off Anatomical last gives glove like feel and hugs the foots contours This elastic wrap over the midfoot gives assured comfort and fit no matter what the foot shape

Manufacturer Description

The Brooks PureGrit 2 Running Shoes are light-weight, with a newly-constructed outsole for better grip and balance on a range of surface areas. Brooks have worked with prominent trail runner Scott Jurek to craft an unique inwardly-curved outsole. Upon impact, the single splays out to create a bigger area beneath your foot, giving you more stability and balance throughout running. To improve your run, the shoe features new trend-setting developments. The IDEAL Heel is a specially-designed heel part, crafted so that the runner has the tendency to land more to the midfoot, as opposed to the heel. It straightens the joints for better posture whilst running, and reduces internal anxiety. A midsole forefoot split allows the huge toe to operate independently from the other toes, to engage the runner's natural balance and to create more power in the foot whilst running. The shoe features a Nav Band which covers over your instep area to secure the foot in place and supplies higher support. The shoe also features a new physiological last, fitting the shape of the foot to offer snug support. The midsole of the shoe is crafted with a combination of BioMoGo and Brooks DNA, which supplies gender-friendly cushioning for extra comfort and a responsive trip.

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Title: Brooks Men's Pure Grit M Trainer
  • Color: Black
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Model: 1101391D736
The Brooks Men's Pure Grit M Trainer is one of our top picks within the range of trail running shoes for men and ladies. This category of running shoe is made with variety a key consideration. These running shoes can deal with an entire variety of surfaces - tracks, parkland, forestsetc. They normally have lots of cushioning for running on roads if that's part of the programme, but with a couple of changes from standard road footwear. First, the outsole will have a much deeper grip. The upper will be normally more resilient, too. If you're trail running, this is the type of running footwear you require.

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