Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoes (2A Width)

Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoes (2A Width)
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Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoes (2A Width)
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Product Features

Rear and Forefoot Hydroflow - Provides excellent cushioning and shock absorption. E-Fusion - This new compound is regarded as better than traditional rubber outsoles in wet and dry conditions. Giving skid resistance, abrasion loss, and resiliency - giving you a more consistent, energy-returning ride and better traction regardless of weather or road surface meaning you can concentrate on your pefromance rather than your trainers. Pod Tec - This is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual runner. There are anotomically placed pods in the midsole and outsolde that bend and flex naturally with each runner, still giving cushioning and support but allowing the shoe to feel not so rigid. DRB - ACCEL - This system helps to promote natural movement between the heel and forefoot BIOMOGO midsole - Award winning midsole gives superior cushioning and reduces the shock felt when landing and taking off.

Manufacturer Description

The Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoe is a cushioned running shoe from Brooks, loved by neutral runners for its smooth ride and comfort, now with improved cushioning. The Glycerin has a Full-length DNA which provides each individual runner with personalised cushioning in the three key anatomical areas toes, midfoot and heel. The shoe has been design with the flex grooves - it gives the runner a stable upright footing and flexibility whist running to ensure a softer foot-to-ground first contact. This version is 32 grams lighter than its predecessor, with a midsole area that is denser in the larger shoe sizes. Another change form the previous model is that the material of the arch saddle has been refined to create a shoe that can more effectively adjust to the shape and movement of your body.

Key Product Details

  • Brand: Brooks
  • Title: Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoes (2A Width)
  • Color: Red
The Brooks Lady Glycerin 9 Running Shoes (2A Width) is among our selections, available in the RunningInjury store, within the array of cushioned running shoes for men and women. For most runners, a rolling of the feet when striking the ground helps to absorb the shock that is otherwise transmitted through one's joints and up to the spinal column. But some runners' feet do not roll inwards or outwards during the landing phase. That's where this type of running footwear can play an essential role. Cushioned shoes are specifically geared towards diminishing the shock when your foot does hit the ground.

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