Welcome to the RUNNING INJURY range of baselayers for women runners. You'll find here a wide selection of baselayers to support your comfort and running experience.

Our range includes both upper and lower body baselayers. For the upper body, you'll find long-sleeved and well fitted tops, made from top materials (often merino wool). For the lower body, you'll find thin but wonderfully insulating tights. All of our baselayers provide a relatively tight fit, which not only aids your comfort but also assists in the wicking away of moisture from your body. That will keep you dry and comfortable during your run. These baselayers also provide women with significant freedom of movement. Below you'll find the very best baselayers, from the very best running brands, for your comfort and running pleasure.

You'll find some great running products in the Baselayers category at RUNNINGINJURY. Take a look at these brands: 2xu, Asics, Berghaus, Brooks, Columbia, Craft, Emfraa, Falke, Fg, Gore running wear, Helly hansen, Highlander, Linebreak, New balance, Nike skateboarding. Please drop us a line if you can't find the product you're after.
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