The Achillles tendon is particularly susceptible to injury. And while Achilles injuries can take various forms, they are invariably painful.

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The term shin splints does not precisely describe a specific running injury. Instead, it covers a range of pains relating to the shin, the large lower leg bone called the tibia.

Shin splints most commonly refers to what is medically known as medial tibial stress syndrome. The pain is generally, but not always, felt on the medial side – the inside of the leg, facing the other leg.

While the immediate cause of such pain is not entirely clear, a range of factors are thought to contribute to shin splints. As with many injuries, overuse may be important, with sufferers often having sharply increased mileage, changed to running on hard surfaces or excessively stepped up their hill running programme. Beginners and overpronators may also be particularly susceptible, as well as those with tight, inflexible Achilles, calves and plantar muscles or a weak core.

A further issue for consideration is running shoes. If runners are wearing inappropriate or worn out shoes, that can increase the risk of shin splints. It can also contribute to poor running style, again increasing the possibility of injury.

Switching to more suitable running shoes is therefore an obvious way to tackle a shin splints problem. At RUNNING INJURY, you can find a great selection of running shoes, from minimalist shoes to cushioned shoes, performance shoes to stability shoes, and not forgetting a wide range of trail shoes for those who prefer to run off-road.

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