66Fit Elbow Cold Compression Cuff

66Fit Elbow Cold Compression Cuff
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66Fit Elbow Cold Compression Cuff
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Product Features

Designed as a 'one size fits all' - Comfortable, adjustable compression and support
  • Designed to minimise swelling whilst applying compression along with cold therapy to minimise pain
  • Removable inner gel pack - can be placed in the fridge or freezer
  • Removable inflation pump, Washable support and gel pack
  • The latest affordable compression system on the market
  • Manufacturer Description

    The 66fit cold compression treatment elbow support is the latest affordable compression system on the marketplace.

    Developed as a 'one size fits all' this special compression support is designed to lessen swelling whilst applying compression in addition to cold treatment to lessen pain.

    The 66fit elbow support entirely covers all areas of the elbow and enables the user to apply specific pressure to each area of the elbow. It is protected by velcro fastening to ensure right comfortable positioning. Then utilizing the inflation bulb - just pump up the support to the required compression. The compression pump and tube is quickly detachable and there is a small shut off valve that will guarantee you still preserve the desired compression.

    The support comes with a removable inner gel pack. The gel pack can be put in the refrigerator or freezer and when required, put into the compression support for immediate use.

    Several patient use
    Detachable inflation pump
    Detachable gel packs
    Comfy, adjustable compression and support
    Washable support and gel pack
    Adjustable air chamber for ideal compression
    Can be worn whilst working

    Tennis elbow
    Golf players elbow
    Lateral Epicondylitis
    Medial epicondylitis
    Radial and cubital tunnel syndrome

    Brand name: 66fit
    Size: One Size Fits All
    Colour: Black
    Main Product: Neoprene
    Made In: Taiwan
    Provided In: Colour Box
    Packed Weight: 1kg

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: 66fit
    • Title: Elbow Cold Compression Cuff - Cryo Therapy Inury Ice Pack Rehabilitation Swelling
    • Color: Black
    • Package Quantity: 1
    • Model: BP-LM-804
    • Item Dimensions Weight: 198
    The function that heat and cold therapy could play in the treatment of running injury has been recognised for some time. Cold therapy is commonly suggested for acute injury - the painful injuries that come on instantly - and could be highly efficient at lessening swelling and discomfort. Heat therapy, however, is commonly suggested for chronic injury - the injuries that establish themeselves more slowly and usually aren't connected with continuous pain.

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