4Sport Patella Taping Pack

4Sport Patella Taping Pack
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4Sport Patella Taping Pack
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Product Features

Fantastic Value
  • 2 x Zinc Oxide 3.8cm x 13.7m
  • Knee Patella Taping Kit
  • 2 x Fixing Tape 5cm x 10m
  • Manufacturer Description

    This is a great kit for taping and really helpful for a physio, it is designed for patellofemoral (kneecap) taping. The kit consists of two flesh colored Zinc Oxide Tape sized 3.8 cm x 10m and two rolls of white dealing with tape sized 5.0 cm x 10m. The rolls of tape can be found in an actually useful firstaid4sport grab bag. The White dealing with Tape has amazing sticking properties and conformability so it will stay with any lump or bumpon your skin and it makes an optimal surface for taping and strapping a joint with Rigid Zinc Oxide Tape. The Fixing Tape has a slight "furiness" to it and offer great grip to the Premium Tan Zinc Oxide included. Firstaid4sport know the popularity of the Patellafemoral Insulation Kits so we create our own that offers fantastic value for cash!

    Key Product Details

    • Brand: Firstaid4sport
    • Title: Firstaid4sport Patella Taping Pack
    • Color: White
    The 4Sport Patella Taping Pack is is just one of the titles within our choice of the very best taping and strapping treatments for sports people. The 4Sport Patella Taping Pack: a first-rate piece from our choice of leading taping and strapping products. The item is, for a limited period, in stock at a reduced price. In the taping and strapping part of the online shop, you will see numerous other quality items from the very best brands, all designed to assist your running performance.

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